CFO Advisory Group is built upon the foundation of integrity, performance and loyalty, and is structured to serve entrepreneurial and growth-oriented companies, as well as underperforming and distressed businesses. The firm provides CFO and senior level executive services to companies that need expert assistance in finding solutions to their business challenges.

The role CFO Advisory Group fulfills is unique to every client. Customized services are provided to address specific business needs and strengthen performance. Advisors act as strategic advisors, working closely with company leaders on planning strategies and financial modeling while overseeing the work of others; hands-on experts, involved at the ground level and performing the financial tasks and transactional support; and /or mentors, transferring skills and knowledge. Our advisor expects to become an integrated member of your executive leadership team and to operate in that capacity.

Utilizing CFO Advisory Group is cost-effective. Fees are charged on a per-diem rate for the services performed on an as-needed basis. The total monthly fee depends upon the number of hours a client requests. A company may retain CFO Advisory Group services for a few hours a month or for several hours each week, depending on its needs and budget constraints.