CFO Advisory Group offers a full range of customized CFO services to provide the expert guidance and solutions required to solve business issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurial and growth-oriented companies, as well as underperforming and distressed companies, and their stakeholders.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cash Forecasting & Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Operational Profit Improvement and Analysis
  • Banking Relationships
  • Capital Acquisition
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • System and Process Development
  • Treasury Services
  • Out-of-court workouts
  • Liquidations and bankruptcy cases
  • Assistance to financial institutions in protecting their loans to financially stressed companies
  • Preparation and Implementation of budgeting and financial forecasting

Turned around an underperforming $275 million national construction company, streamlining three core business units/divisions around a coherent strategic and operational strategy, restoring profitability, producing higher than market revenue gains, winning contracts and building market share to deliver double-digit EBITDA growth.

Transformed a poorly-performing publicly held financial services holding company, instituting organizational culture and values based upon a set of beliefs and strategy on which the plan and actions were executed, leading the company through revenue growth of 48%, achieving increased profit margins and realizing a 5x increase in the company’s stock price.

Reversed losses into profits, serving as a catalyst for growth and expansion of a struggling $40 million national systems integration company, by identifying underperforming service lines, implementing a restructuring strategy, and financial planning and analysis to monitor performance and progress.

Venture Capital funded software as a services company burning through all early stage funding and running a negative cash flow operation. Initiated strategy to become cash flow positive by monitoring cost structure, and expanding sales and marketing strategy. Accomplished goals producing a 35% compounded annual revenue growth rate over three years with a net profit margin of 14%

Merger and acquisition skills developed over many years through performing and leading the structuring, negotiating and closing of more than 15 transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $500 million. Transactions included Stock Purchase Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, Bank & Loan Agreements, Common Stock Sale Agreement, and Management Buy-Agreement.

High ethical standards with strong business acumen that projects competence, credibility, loyalty and trust to build and nurture relationships with shareholders, Board of Directors, employees, customers and vendors, investment banks, private equity and venture capital funds, banking/lending institutions, as well as Federal regulatory agencies including SEC, DCAA and GSA.

Developed and executed the corporate strategy that had multiple facets, including securing and growing core operating business units, divesting and selling underperforming divisions and assets, aligning general and administrative operating costs, and attracting new investment dollars. As one of the Board members said, ” If it were not for Jeff Rudolph’s perseverance and dedication to finding solutions to ACC’s situation during this uncertain economic time, we as a company would not exist. What was accomplished in the short period of time is unheard of in the industry and on its own an unbelievable feat.”