When was CFO Advisory Group founded?
CFO Advisory Group has been in business since 2002 and was formally established in 2007. The firm has been built with the purpose and intent of bringing optimal value to our clients, which has fostered lasting client relationships. We are committed to providing our financial expertise and services to assist companies with their business challenges and achieving their goals.

What Industries Have CFO Advisory Group Served?
  • Business and Financial Services
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Distribution/Logistics
  • Franchising
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Software
  • Technology Products and Services
  • Transportation
Does CFO Advisory Group’s expertise translates to other industries?
Our experience as executive leaders and business owners have honed our skills in strategic planning, leadership development, financial reporting and analysis, accounting and cost accounting, financial modeling, cash forecasting and management, budgeting, banking, system and process development /improvement, and human resources. These skills can cross over multiple industries without the firsthand experience of a particular industry.

When does a company need CFO expertise?
Generally, it’s critical to have expert CFO services in place when a company is starting up, is in a growth phase, needs to acquire additional capital, or is distressed. Companies can greatly benefit from the guidance of CFO experts who have the experience and know-how to achieve desired outcomes.

What if a company needs a CFO, but cannot afford to add this position?
The flex-time CFO is considerably less expensive than hiring a permanent CFO and is much more efficient. By using CFO Advisory Group, a company benefits from decades of premier financial experience, which is invaluable when it comes to arranging financing, restructuring credit or preparing a budget. Just as important, a company also benefits from the unbiased and fresh perspectives of an advisor.

What type of relationship does CFO Advisory Group Advisor have with a client company?
A CFO is key to the success or failure of a company and a strong bond between the CEO and CFO is key to a successful working relationship. A CFO advisor expects to become an integrated member of your executive leadership team and to operate in that capacity. It is also critical that the company is comfortable in providing the CFO advisor access to its board, employees, customers, investors or bankers to achieve optimal outcomes

What type of services will CFO Advisory Group perform for our company?
The services provided depend on the specific needs of a company. Advisors can act as strategic advisors, who work closely with company leaders on planning strategies and financial modeling while overseeing the work of others; hands-on experts, involved on the ground level and performing financial tasks and transactional support; and /or mentors, who transfer skills and knowledge. A CFO Advisory Group advisor may also serve as a board member or an officer of the company to support management.

How does CFO Advisory Group approach a project?
CFO Advisory Group develops a 100-day plan, which provides a clear and concise road map of the scope of work to be completed. This enhances accountability and clearly defines expectations to be met.

What is CFO Advisory Group’s fee structure?
Fees are charged on a per-diem rate for the services and work performed on an as-needed basis. The total monthly fee depends upon the number of hours a client requests. A company can retain our services for a few hours a month or for several hours each week, depending on its needs and budget constraints.